Xenetech Rotary 2550 Engraver

XOT 2550 Defining Features

The Xenetech Viper 2550 has a 25” by 50” (635mm by 1270mm) engraving area with moving gantry – the motion system moves while the item being engraved remains stationary. It was designed to engrave into plastics (accepts a full sheet of plastic!), wood, and glass for signs, nametags, trophies, awards, tools, industrial parts, identification plates, and panel faces. The 2550 will also engrave, diamond drag and burnish into various metals - aluminum, brass, steel, etc. With its tall clearance of 7.438” (188.9mm) and the optional engraving cylindrical attachment, the 2550 can also engrave cylindrical pieces. It is the largest rotary engraving system and a great solution for high-volume shops, or a great way to plan for growth. The system contains Xenetech’s automatic surface sensing capability that allows for flat, curved, and cylindrial surfaces. Each system includes Xenetech’s professional engraving window-based software—XGW-32, 40 engraving fonts, 2,500 engravable True-Type™ fonts, the new Viper® high productivity electronics (up to 10 ips engraving speed), touch screen keypad and a two year warranty.

Standard 2-year warranty

Technical Specifications

  • Table surface area: 25" x 50" (635 x 1,270 mm)
  • Footprint: 31" x 60" (787.4 x 1,524 mm)
  • Engraving area: 1,250 sq. in. (31,750 sq. mm)
  • Shipping Weight: 640 lbs. (290.56 kg)
  • Maximum spindle travel: 2" (50.8 mm); Maximum material clearance: 7.438" (188.9 mm)
  • Includes: accessory pack with 5 plastic cutters • T-slot table optional

 Revolutionary features:


  • High performance Viper electronics with touch screen key pad

  • 8 ips and faster engraving

    State-of-the-Art motion system featuring:

  • Forward/backward by character, line and plate from Pendant
  • DC motor speed control (AC motor speed control optional.)
  • Longplate engraving capabilities from 12" x 126" in length to 25" x 700" in length (varying with machine size)
  • State-of-the-art motion control system
  • One-year warranty on Star 912, extended warranty available
  • Multi-plate and batch processing
  • Automatic surface sensing on all machines (standard)
  • Graphic job printouts
  • Ability to engrave a wide variety of materials
  • Networkable
  • 11/64", 1/4", 4 mm and 6 mm top-load and Top or bottom loading collet spindle and metric also available
  • X, Y and Z-axes resolution/repeatability standard: .000313", user selectable: .000625" and .000156"
  • Spindle downfeed: mode 1) fully programmable via software, mode 2) downfeed manually set via control pendant, and mode 3) automatic surface sensing for downfeed
  • Spindle motor: 1/4 hp spindle motor 20,000 rpm
  • Viper electronics connect to free ethernet connection † Computer not included

Standard Included Features

rotary motor speedMotor speed control with auto vacuum accessory plug

rotary auto sfcAutomatic surface sensing, senses every cutter down with an optical proximity sensor.

rotary 4bearing4 Bearing 20,000 rpm spindle (collet and high speed spindle optional)

rotary fully programFully programmable z-axis with 2" maximum travel allows for greater initial clearance over material surface

rotary cylimdricalattachRotary Cylindrical Attachment available on rotary models: 1313, 1625, 2525 and 2550. This attachment allows engraving on mugs, glasses and other cylindrical items. It can accommodate sizes up to 6.75" (171.5 mm) in diameter and 13.75" (349.2 mm) in length. The fixture is capable of engraving a full 360° around an object. Optional 3 Jaw Chuck allows the holding of smaller items like pens, PVC pipe, copper pipe, etc. from .125" (3.18 mm) diameter by 13.75" (349.2 mm) in length.

viperpendantTouch screen keypad: With the Viper Pendant, you have complete, touch-screen access to your engraving system. The hand-held key pad gives you the ultimate control to select jobs from the hard drive, engrave jobs (forward/reverse by character, line, plate, and job), check XYZ positioning and digital readouts, override engraving speeds, program the z axis, record job timing, and more.

rotary table

2550 Dual Head with T-slots and No-slip Timing Belt Dual head available on 912 on up

Table Stand with Locking Casters Available for 1625, 2525 and 2550