BOFA AD 500 IQ Overview

BOFA’s AD 500 iQ high end laser extraction system combines extremely large filter capacity with high airflow and pressure rates, making it the ideal choice for heavy duty applications that generate large amounts of particulate and gaseous organic compounds.

Performance has now been further enhanced with the inclusion of several new features including BOFA’s new iQ Operating System, making the new AD 500 iQ one of the most advanced system available.

The iQ system takes performance and safety parameters to a new level and ensures that maintenance, downtime and ownership costs are kept to a minimum.

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large ad 500 iq

AD Base 500 IQ Features

Standard Features
  • Filter condition display
  • Built in silencing
  • High airflow and pressure rates
  • Filters with long life and low replacement cost
  • DeepPleat DUO pre filter
  • Automatic flow control system
  • Reverse flow filter technology
  • Combined HEPA/Gas filter incorporating ACF technology
  • Real time airflow reading
  • Independent filter condition monitoring, display and warnings
  • High contrast display
  • ‘Run safe’ operation
  • Remote diagnostics via USB
Optional Features
  • VOC gas sensor (Volatile Organic Compound)
  • Remote stop / start interface
  • Smart Filter technology
  • Filter change / System fail signal
  • Interfacing with host laser
  • On-board compressor
  • Optional filter media’s

Technical Specifications

AD 500 IQ Specifications
Dimensions (H x W x D)47.1 x 23.6 x 31.1”
Cabinet ConstructionBrushed stainless steel /
Powder coated mild steel
Airflow / Pressure324cfm / 100mbar
Electrical Data115v 60/50Hz
Full load current: 14.8 amps / 1.1kw
Noise Level< 63dBA*
Weight298 lbs.
Deeppleat Pre Filter Specifications
Surface Media Area30m2 approx
Filter MediaGlass Fiber
Filter Media ConstructionMaxi Pleat Construction with Webbing Spacers
Filter HousingZintec mild steel
Filter EfficiencyF8 (95% @ 0.9 microns)
Combined Filter Specifications k
Surface Media Area7.5m2 approx.
HEPA Filter MediaGlass Fiber
HEPA Media ContructionMaxi Pleat Construction with Webbing Spacers
Filter HousingZintec Mild Steel
Treated Activated Carbon75 lbs.
Filter Efficientcy99.997% @ 0.3 microns